Miniature Polled Hereford Bulls

At Smokey Valley Farm we raise only POLLED miniature Herefords and strive for the highest quality in both conformation and temperaments. We train, show and groom all our own cattle at the shows all ourselves and are proud of all that they have accomplished with our limited showing.

 All our mini herefords polled, which means no horns Naturally. They are tame and halter broken for easy handling in and out of the show rings. Our cattle are part of our family and we interact with them daily as this breed is social as can be, which is not hard to understand as the Miniature Herefords are a calm, quite, gentle breed, naturally. 

Smokey Valley’s KC Masterpiece  (joe)

SIRE- SS KC Joe 996ET           DAM- DF Cinnamon Spice


Joe is our smallest adult bull to date at 41" . He passes on his wonderful size, temperament and of course correct low, thick big boned conformation to his calves. Watch for them on our site in late summer/fall.

See more showing/winning photos of this bull on the other pages of our web site, more of his sire (below) and his dam on our cow pages.

Thus far Joe has been shown with much success, winning a Best Bull and several Rev.  Best bull so having shown that he has what it takes to be the bull we wanted in him. He has the softest and gentle of manners, a must at our farm.

Miniature Polled Hereford Bulls

 Smokey Valley’s Thick N Saucy  (saucy) 

SIRE- Smokey Valley's KC Masterpiece          DAM-  Smokey Valley's Valentine

 at about 10 months old. our soon to be current herd sire

 Smokey Valley’s  Hi Velocity  (victor) 

SIRE- DF Cascades High Caliber           DAM-  DF Kiss Me Kate

Victor is as you can see all bull in both appearances and style. He is a nice 42".

See more showing/winning photos of this bull on the other pages of our web site, more of his sire (below) and his dam on our cow pages.

Victor so far has shown to pass on his excellent pedigree and style to his offspring both the bulls and heifers. We so far have kept two lovely young heifer calves from Victor that we are quite happy with. One of which was shown last summer to alot of hi complements on her fancy style and nice conformation (Violette) so we will  find it hard to wait to see his new arrivals later this fall.

Miniature Polled Hereford Bulls

Multi Champion DF Cascades High Caliber

(Cade) Miniature Polled Hereford Bulls Cattle

Multi Champion AND The 2012 World Champion Miniature Hereford Bull 

Sire to our ........... Bullet, Victor, Hope and Hi Clere

Multi Champion DF Sullivan

(Sully) Miniature Polled Hereford Bulls Cattle

Sire to our girls...... Cinnamon, Kate, Miracle, Valentine

Multi Champion  SS KC Joe 996ET


Sire to our........... KC Joe, Jolene, Faith and Sugar

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