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Miniature Polled Hereford Cows page


DF Cinnamon Spice

Sire-  DF Sullivan
Dam-  SSR Jade Spice

Cinnamon is one of our Top cows both in production and in showing.

She is one of our smallest adult cows at only 40 1/2 " tall but still weights in at over 900#.

See more of her show/wining ways elsewhere on our site.

dam to ....  Bullet, Joe and Sugar

Smokey Valley's High Clere  sold

Sire-  DF Cascade's High Caliber
Dam-  SSR Micky



dam to .... Vera

Smokey Valley's Valentine

Sire-  DF Sullivan
Dam-  SSR Tedra

dam to Candy and Victoria

Miniature Polled Hereford Cows

Smokey Valley's Joelene  sold

Sire-  SS KC Joe
Dam-  DF Mia's Miracle

dam to Winter, Velvet

Smokey Valley's Cinnamon N Sugar  sold

Sire-  SS KC Joe
Dam-  DF Cinnamon Spice 

on my show string for the 2016 year, what a year it was!!

Miniature Polled Hereford Cows

Smokey Valley's Candy

Sire- Smokey Valley's KC Masterpiece (Joe)
Dam-  Smokey Valley Valentine 

Kierra and candy at the fair summer 2018


Smokey Valley's Winter

Sire-  Smokey Valley's KC Masterpiece (Joe)
Dam-  Smokey Valley's Joelene

RJ and Winter at the fairs in summer 2018

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Smokey Valley's Victoria

Sire-  Smokey Valley's High Velocity
Dam-  Smokey Valley's Valentine

At shows in summer 2017-18

dam to heifer, Victoria Secret

Smokey Valley's Red Velvet   SOLD

Sire-  Smokey Valley's High Velocity
Dam-  Smokey Valley's Joelene


shown summer 2018

Introducing our newest girls

  Smokey Valley's Bunny

Joe  X  Candy

taken Aug 2020 so she is maturing out very nicely and still small.


  Smokey Valley's Spring

Joe  X  Winter

taken Aug 2020 so maturing out nicely and still being worked on for show by Kierra

Smokey Valley's Secret

Joe  X  Victoria

Smokey Valley's Violette


Even then they are really Great, we just can't keep them all.

we sell great cattle to help others start a head they too can be proud of.


Smokey Valley French Bulldogs

Shiloh Shepherds

Mini Australian Shepherds




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