Mini Zebu 2

Micro & Miniature Zebu   Micro Zebu are 36″ or less when fully grown.

We have 15 cows and 5 bulls. All our Micro and Miniature Zebu Cattle are Purebred and Dual Reg. All are tame, gentle and halter broken, we will not have it any other way. All have or well be shown and our females have all been dehorned. We will be busy this year at the fairs so check back for many more photos and info. miniature zebu cows.



RVB Miss May May  (maymay)   May-2017    Size- 33 1/2    Dual Reg

Sire- RVB Austin   35″  gray paint

Dam- RVB Jodi   32″  gray

This med gray solid girl has so much style and correctness with length of neck,

back and legs all in a small package. From some of the oldest US bloodlines she

is a show cow. Can’t wait for her to finish maturing.   A natural show cow!


Dam to- Glory

RVB Crescent Moon Pie  (moonpie)   April-2017   Size- 30″   Dual reg.

Sire- RVB Austin  35″  gray paint

Dam- RVB Maxima  36″  gray

This little red/gray girl is so small but you can’t tell it by her photos as she is so

correctly made. From some of the oldest US bloodlines waiting for calves will be SO

hard but so worth it. Her first is a certain winning and farm favorite. (calambity)

DAM to- Calambity

RVB Josey Wales   (josey)   July-2018      Size- 34″    Dual Reg.

Sire- RVB Austin  35″ gray paint

Dam- RVB Daisy Mae   33″  gray

Dark gray

another one of the famous RVB last calves, ( one of the oldest breeders in the USA)

showing all his hard work paid off with the small elegant correct cattle he bred for. 

Thanks Bob we will carry on for you.

Dam to-

Smokey Valley’s Glory   (glory)   Sept-2020        Size-        Dual Reg

Sire- RVB Newton  36″  gray

Dam- RVB Miss Maymay  33.5  gray

Red/gray love this girl  we have hi hopes for her in the coming years.


Dam to-

Smokey Valley’s Ember  (ember)   Sept-2020    Size    Dual Reg.

Sire- RVB Newton  36″  gray

Dam- BWZ Little Miss Ruby  32.5″  red

Red/gray lovely smaller girl with soft gray color

Dam to-

Smokey Valley’s Calambity  (Lamby)    Feb-2021      Size-     Dual Reg.

Sire- RVB Newton   36″  gray

Dam- RVB Moon Pie  30″  gray

Red/gray our little princess dog/calf 🙂

at one year old now and still only 25″ tall


dressed to impress this Oct. 2021 as a Pack mule 

then as a Fierce Dragon watching over her eggs

Dam to-

Smokey Valley Lil Darling  (darling)   July-2021      Size-     Dual Reg.

Sire: Bottelberghe Farms Ol’Son    31″  Red/wh paint  

Dam: Buffalo Hills Splash   31″  Red/wh paint 

Red/gray now with some smaller white spots/random markings like dam

Dam to-

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