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We presently have 19 females and 5 bulls                  last updated  6-19-2021

All our cattle are Purebred and most Dual Reg. ALL are tame, gentle and halter broken we will not have it any other way. Calm and gentle enough for anyone to show including our small/young grand kids. ALL our cattle have be shown. Our females have all been De-horned. We are always busy in the summer at the fairs so check back for many more photos and info. 


RVB Newton    DOB- March-2015   Size 36″    Dual Reg

Sire- RVB Khochise

Dam- RVB Piper
Our lovely dark gray bull Newton, when the Rodeo Queens court wants to take photos with your bull, of course we said yes!  He is so well mannered anyone can handle him in any crowd.


This lovely DARK gray boy is a pleasure to be around and the personality that you want in a bull.

Sire to= Libby, Waffles, Ember, Glory, Calambity

Desert Alegria Hanuka Matata  (momo)

Sire- MCH 5 Star Chili

Dam- Crooked Star Ranch Lola Jean

Medium gray with moon spots  Born Nov-2014 Current Size 37″ at 6 yrs old.

Momo is a bulky well built boy that is easy to be around, shown as well he is a great small calf/heifer

producer for us. This boy has so much breed type and is calm and gentle with a Great hump and head

shape so important in this breed for type. 

a younger Momo with his favorite girl daisy


Smokey Valley’s Painted Waffle     DOB  5-10-20  Dual Reg

White with Gray – Paint  bull

Sire- RVB Newton 

Dam- RVB Miss Daisy’s Flower

Watch for more on this small bull as he matures

Winston   DOB- 8-2019   Size-       Dual Reg

Sire- PJV Little Rascal  28.5″

Dam- Heiken’s Ark Yolanda 30″

New RED bull he is TINY  22″ at almost two years old.

His sire is full grown at 28″ and dam is 30″ with his grand dam being the world record holder of smallest female cow  AND ALL are tested Dwarf FREE as is HE.   We have a lot of plans for this boy.

More photos as he matures.

Watch for more Winston photos and info coming as the weather permits

sire on Right and grand dam on left being the smallest cow on record

PJV Master Houdini       DOB 4-2017    Size 35″    Dual Reg.

Sire- PRR Miracle Twister  31″

Dam- PJV Susie Q  31″

He is all black but from a LONG line of Blk/wh on his sire side and

a Long line of RED on his dam side so we will be excited to see what

we get from this new bull.

more photos coming soon




from front to back, Moon pie, Silver, Indy, Ruby, Blossom, Pansy. 

Six of the littler girls herd were lined up when I happened to have my

camera out so took this not set up shot of them, nice!

below Indy- ruby- blossom- pansy

Just part of our 2017 show line up. Right picture Indy, Daisy, Ruby, Silver, Pansy, Blossom, Maymay, Moonpie.

Some of our 2019 line up, Rose-beauty-indy -maymay- moonpie

Two of our red beauties Red Dawn and Pixie

RVB Indigo Blue    DOB- May-2016   Size- 34 1/2″  Dual Reg

Sire- RVB Austin

Dam- RVB Maxima

Dark Gray w/ several moon spots, calm, sweet and can be handled by anyone our first and farm favorite girl.


RJ and Indy

Dam to Liberty

RVB Miss Daisy’s Flower   DOB- 7-2015     Size- 33″    Dual Reg

Sire- RVB Khochise

Dam- RVB Daisy Mae

a Lovely light Silver gray with breed type and gentle personality.

Kierra’s cow- just ask her!


Kierra and RJ and practicing both packing and packing panniers with the Zebu

and hope to start driving with them in the future.

Dam to- Painted Waffles

DAB Miss Blossom  DOB- June-2016   Size- 32 1/2″   Dual Reg

Sire- DAB Little Lincoln

Dam- DAB Kimberly

Gray with lots of dark shading and moon spots

This red/gray girl w/ Moon spots is unique in color and markings that make her that much more special.

she gets darker in the winter and light in the summer.

Dam to-

DAB Miss Pansy     DOB- Aug -2016     Size 33″  Dual Reg

Sire- Buffalo Hill Beau Jangles

Dam- DAB Bella

Light gray

she is just starting to fill out now, with a cute face, body and look at that hip, a judges favorite.

Buffalo Hill Red Diva   DOB- 8-2018   Size 31″  Dual Reg.

Sire- Buffalo Hill Super Star

Dam- Komokos Lil Diva

She is a very Dark red with some extra white in chest and flanks as well as a couple

white spots on her upper hip and hump.  Bred to very small red/wh bull and due soon, excited!




Dam to- 

Woody’s Red Dawn   DOB- 8-2019    Size currently  33?    Dual reg.

Sire- Heiken’s Ark Monte 33″

Dam- Woody’s Red Dawn 33″

a lovely red girl


Dam to-

WTF Pixie    DOB- 7-2019   Size currently 28.5   so she will be a small one

Sire- Earls Acres Charlie

Dam- Zebutopia Lucy

Solid Bright red



Dam to-

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