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Page last updated  May – 7 – 2021

Available NOW– in the Mini Zebu 

Willow- now being sold with her heifer calf at her side.

Paint bull calf- red/white at this time   sire: newt –  dam: pansy   both small both dual reg

can be sold as a pet (steer) or as a breeding bull

Momo- Proven bull with excellent pedigree and conformation  

You can see more photos and info about them on this page and on the cow pages of our web site.

We will be having many more Mini Zebu calves coming in a few months.

willing to take deposits now, Call or email and we can talk how little cows

Available NOWin the Polled Mini Herefords

Victoria- being sold with a heifer calf at her side

Vera- just calved but calf was sold on the bottle so she can go now at any time.

see them both below


Paint bull calf born 4-22-21

Sire is Newt  and  Dam is Pansy

Can be sold as a steer (pet) or as a future Breeding bull, can be Dual reg.

$1,500.00 or  $2,500.00

Below photos at about an hour old.




Willow coming 3 yr. old   $5,000.00   AMZA reg   36″ being sold with heifer calf at her side (born 4-20-21)

a Rare chance to get a two in one from some proven excellent stock. this is her first calf. Dam is a RARE very Brindle gray! so she can produce that as well. Fully halter broken and of course dehorned, bangs tagged, bred to our small bull Newt (36″) photos current. 


Will consider selling Willow without the calf but NOT the heifer without the dam

MoMo is what we call him born  Nov/2014  $3,000.00  firm unless you buy others then we can talk a package deal for sure.    AMZA reg and working on IMZA it CAN be done as only one in his extensive pedigree is not already IMZA reg.  Sire is a show Permanent Grand Champion and red, as is his dam, grand dam is black. Proven producer of small calves no matter what size the cows are and in many colors, reds, grays and blacks. He is a pretty incredible gray bull with EXCELLENT breed Character, the three H’s  Head- perfect shape, Hump- even bigger in person, Hunch- which is hip and he gets it all done with a proven 90%+ heifer producer!! not the type of bull many offer for sale but we have too many heifers out of him now and so its time for him to go. 37 1/2″ at this age so not getting any bigger. He is as sweet as they come can be petted and rubbed all over and never a mean juster from him. I’m in the pasture with him daily, calm and quite all the time and respectful as all bulls should be. FULLY halter broken was shown some as well. more photos on the other pages of our web site. 

Polled Miniature Herefords

Victoria- is an excellent mother but we have just too much of her bloodlines in our small herd. she is being sold with her young heifer calf at her side. ( Abby was born April 16-21) from our bull Joe. Victoria is calm, quite and comes when called. your can walk up to her in the fields and loves to be brushed and handled. Shown some so been there done that all and travels and grooms easily. grand kids can handle her even with the calf at her side. AHA reg and sold with all her reg paperwork as will be the calf. will post more photos of them in the next couple days. of course reg and naturally fully polled.  $4,500.00 for the two.  (which is $2,500.00 for the cow and $2,000.00 for the heifer calf) which if not sold I will sell for $2,500.00 when weaned.

Sire-  Smokey Valley’s Hi Velocity (victor)  Dam- Smokey Valley’s Valentine  born July 2017

Heifer Calf Sire- is  our Smokey Valley’s KC Masterpiece ( Joe)

Vera- they just don’t come any more naturally calm quite and tame. you can walk up into the fields at any time and pet and love on her. she likes it and an will stand around waiting for more, likes to be brushed and handled. She has just calved but the calf was promised as a bottle calf so was sold and now already gone. so is open and ready to be bred soon. not matter how nice just can’t keep them all. too much of the same lines in our small herd. time to find another family, farm. of course reg and fully naturally polled. She is being sold for $3,000.00 now, open. will be more of course if I keep her till bred back.

Sire- Smokey Valley’s Hi Velocity (victor)  Dam- Smokey Valley’s HighClere    born Oct- 2018

bottom three are current (4-27-21) just calved 4-20

ALL our cattle and tame and tie and halter trained and Shown can’t keep them all even some really good ones are sold each year.